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Alshakoor logistic,cargo,Co.Ltd.a private owned firm founded in 2010 in Afghanistan with a reputation for providing outstanding quality of raw chemical material to small, medium and large industries and enterprises that continues to secure a loyal customer base. Our dedicated and 9 year experience has best value solution at competitive prices that customized particular needs of more than 100 industries and enterprises which are manufacturing detergents and cosmetic (Nova core and cleaners ) products, plastic and PVC products, Glasses and Etc. Alshakoor logistic,cargo, having a blend and experienced personal buying the best quality raw chemical materials from world well known industries chemical manufactures due to our extensive and past performance and financial strength we have been increase the number services in Sharja,UAE,Afghanistan(Kabul,Jalalabad),Pakistan,China,India,Turkey,Uzbekistan and Iran to improve and support small and medium industries and enterprises.




With international experience and expert workforce, Al-Shakoor Kimmel offers its essential services to our dear businessmen and craftsmen.



I would like to introduce Trans Sea Shipping providing direct services from China / Busan/ Japan/Spain/Jakarta/ Malaysia /Rotterdam/ Bangladesh/Singapore/ Turkey



Al-Shkoor is the first company to import authorized chemicals and industrial machinery from the world’s most prestigious manufacturing companies in Afghanistan.



I would like to introduce Trans Sea Shipping providing direct services from China / Busan/ Japan/Spain/Jakarta/ Malaysia /Rotterdam/ Bangladesh/Singapore/ Turkey .



Alshkoor Logistic,cargo,Co.Ltd.consistently demonstrates the strong project management and technical capabilities necessary to produce effective results in Asia.



I would like to introduce Dry Fruits  providing & packaging direct services from China / Bus an/ Japan/Spain/Jakarta/ Malaysia /Rotterdam/ Bangladesh/Singapore/ Turkey .




الشکور کیمکل پاسخی مناسب برای نیاز شما! شرکت الشکورکیمیکل با تجربه بین المللی و نیروی متخصص، خدمات اساسی خویش را برای تجاران و صنعتکاران عزیزمان پیشکش میدارد.· تهیه ماشین آلات صنعتی· عرضه مواد خام واحدهای تولیدی· خدمات خریداری و لوجستیک اجناس· عرضه خدمات حمل و نقل بین المللی· ارائه فورمولیشن مواد کیماوی و تولیدی· مشاوره در عرصه صنعت، صادرات و واردات· خدمات نگهداری در گدام و تصفیه مکلفیت های گمرکی· خدمات تسهیلاتی برای مسافرین( دریافت مسافرین از میدان هوایی، رزرویشن هوتل، و خدمات ترجمانی)دارای شبکه گسترده حمل نقل زمینی، دریای و هوایی به نقاط مختلف دنیاآدرس و نمبر تماس دفتر کابل: ارزان قیمت چاراهی داود خان بلاک چهارده : +93777256002, +93700256002 , +93781256003 آدرس و نمبر تماس دفتر چین: شهر ایوو ینهای ای چو بلاک 22 منزل سوم 305 :+8613248856002 آدرس و نمبر تماس دفتر جرمنی: بیلس استرید 114-118 -220539 هامبوئگ +4917640732174 :ادرس دفتر لاور:??دفتر #1 پلاٹ#433 جنرل ٹرک سٹیند مین راوی لنک روڈ لاھوردفتر#2 سراے رتن چند بانسانوالہ بازار شاہ عالم چوک لاھوردفتر#3 کمرہ#102 لکی ھوٹل مین فیروزپور روڈ لاہور: فون نمبر☎:923218897330+

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Asia Air Cargo, a division of Asia Air, provides more than 100 Million pounds of weekly cargo lift capacity to major cities in the Asia. such as China to :Afghanistan , Pakistan , India , UAE , Russia , Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan , Iran , Tajikistan and etc… Alshkoor logistic, cargo, Co.Ltd. Shifting by: Air way, train and ship in short time for your product and company. It can satisfy the needs of whole countries.It can complete the needs and demand of every person.Through cargo every country in Asia can trade easily and safety to solve the problems of every company in Asia Alshkoor logistic, cargo, Co.Ltd. Will provide you every product cheaply in Asia and Germany.

To build a long term relationship with our customers and provide exceptional customer service by pursing business through innovation and sincerity contributing to the developing of our war torn country is our company’s priority and we strive for it.

The vision of Alshkoor logistic,cargo, to provide highest quality customer service that through the provision of high standards, efficient, and well managed services to our esteemed customers.

HQF Brief Is Formulation By Germany
IHOCEL HQF DK1010 MS is high viscosity of HQF. It is one of non-ionic cellulose ethers HQF produced from natural high molecular cellulose through series of chemical changes. HQQ HQF is non-ionic water-soluble cellulose ether, which is in different applications like dry mortar, tile adhesive, putty water-based paints, building materials, oil field chemicals and personal care products.

Thickener HQQ , HQF powder molecule is capable of generating esterification, etherification and acetal reaction, so it is possible to make it soluble in water or improve its properties.
Good film-forming ability
Surface activity.
Protective colloid
Water retention agent
Rheology modifier


Caustic soda flakes is a solid form of sodium hydroxide. Caustic soda flakes manufactured by DCM Shriram Ltd. are free from foreign matter, dirt or other visible impurities. The product is widely used in the textile, soaps and detergents, pulp and paper industries and in alumina refineries.

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